Gardening and Handyman

Gardening & Handyman Services

As life gets even busier, you may be surprised to find out recent research shows 6 out of 10 people struggle to keep their lives organised with everything they have going on and the tasks that need completing.

Girl Friday Solutions can take the strain of your ever growing to do list by offering, amongst other services, a handyman and gardener.  Take a look at what we do and call for a chat to discuss your needs and requirements.


Services include:

  • mowing lawns
  • weeding
  • pruning and trimming
  • general maintenance
  • planting
  • repairs to lawns
  • seeding law


Services include:

  • putting up shelves, curtain poles, display boards and pictures
  • easing jammed doors and windows
  • repairing fences and gates
  • replace/repair/install handles and locks
  • building ramps for wheelchairs and buggies
  • applying skirting and architrave


Services include:

  • replace sockets, switches and light fittings
  • change fuses and bulbs
  • set up new electrical appliances
  • repair/replace door bells
  • fit smoke alarms


Services include:

  • fitting new locks
  • fitting smoke detectors
  • fitting door bolts, chains and spy holes

Painting and decorating

Services include:

  • painting ceilings and walls
  • patching plaster
  • stripping wallpaper
  • sanding woodwork
  • painting woodwork
  • hanging wallpaper

Minimum one hour - services start from £12 an hour